Vietnam 4-1 Singapore- Saigon’s streets get stormed (14/12/09)

Vietnam 4-1 Singapore- Saigon’s streets get stormed (14/12/09)

This is my first video on youtube.

This video was captured by me and my cousin this evening in HoChiMinh city (Saigon as we used to call it), Vietnam after we smashed Singapore 4-1in football. We call this: “storm” (bão). It is when people pour down the street and celebrate the victory of the national football team.

This video is just to show people from other countries (and personally my friends in Australia and USA), how much Vietnamese people love football and how passionate we can be with the game, even though we aren’t good at it.

(The video was captured in a small suburb of the city, imagine how fun and crazy and chaotic it was in City center.)

Hope you enjoy it.

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