Singapore Cycle Safe – Experiential Ride

Singapore Cycle Safe – Experiential Ride

Learn to cycle & go on an experiential ride with professional cycling coaches when you sign up for the Singapore Cycle Safe program!

An initiative by the Singapore Cycling Federation, Singapore Cycle Safe is a 4-level program that equips cyclists with the necessary knowledge & skills needed to maneuver the cycling paths, roads & at cycling events in Singapore.

Cycle Safe is an all-inclusive program – suitable for cyclists, non-cyclists, children, as well as adults.
During the program, the following areas are covered:
a. Equipment Safety Checks
b. Cyclist’s Personal Safety Checks
c. Cycling Environment & Potential Hazards to Look Out For
d. Knowledge & Skills in Cycle Activity

The program includes theory, practical, role play, discussions, as well as experiential riding modules. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a Cycle Safe Level Certificate endorsed by the Singapore Cycling Federation.

Asian Detours is the accredited training partner for Singapore Cycle Safe Program for 12 months commencing March 2016.

For program enquiries or bookings, please contact us at or call us at 6733 2282.

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