Shopping Street Market in Bugis of Singapore

Shopping Street Market in Bugis of Singapore

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A shopping street, also shopping area, shopping mall, is a street in a city center with numerous shops, which has a high frequentation to passersby and thus potential customers. Often it involves pedestrian zones or streets without motorized transport. Many traders join in this shopping street clubs together and use the many features of the so-called City marketing projects to improve the quality and marketing of their street. In addition to catering businesses often dominate clothing chains the streets. In a European comparison, Germany has particularly by the high number of pedestrian zones and much more shopping streets. Main competitors are the shopping centers (shopping malls).

The passers-frequency in a shopping street applies to retailers as an important indicator of the sales opportunities of the company in that city. Passers-number complements conventional criteria such as centrality, sales or purchasing power figures and forms a basis for the choice of location.

As arcade, shopping arcade or shopping mall, a covered passageway through a building complex referred to or block in which stores are located. Often malls are between parallel streets and often have a superior range or the high-order catering Act.

The mix of stores is designed with the aim to create an environment in which reside their customers well. In exclusive passages no stores with low-cost range to be integrated, but rather accepted a temporary vacancy. If it is possible to have multiple levels with a mix of industries equipped. As a tenant act both local retail and service specialists and brand manufacturers. Most also is Erlebnisgastronomie zone exists.

the 19th Century, the passage became a stand-alone building type, a precursor of the department stores and modern shopping centers. In a cultural-historical work describes Walter Benjamin, the emergence of the first shopping arcades in Paris. The inner-city shopping arcades lost in the 20th Century through the first competition of the emerging department stores and later the shopping centers auto fair cities in importance. Only since the 1980s, the efforts to revitalize the inner cities and the advent of were under postmodern architecture rebuilt increasingly urban shopping centers to which forms of shopping arcades of the 19th Century build.

The roof of the passage is often made of glass so that the most of daylight can be benefited.

Bugis Junction is a complex of buildings located on Victoria Street, Middle Road and North Bridge Road near Bugis in the Business Centre in the Central district of Singapore. The complex consists of a shopping center, office buildings and high-rise hotel network InterContinental.

In the mid-1960s, Bugis area, place a modern complex, a bad reputation because of transsexuals and transvestites, “work” on Bugis Street. During the construction of the complex appearance of the area has changed dramatically, but were retained characteristics of the old Bugis – courtyards and facades of shops.

“Park Bugis Junction” – the street under a glass canopy and air-conditioned. Facades sections stylized Peranakan houses with air bridges and an elaborated cornices. The complex consists of about 120 shops, stalls, department stores and boutiques. Market Square is decorated with a fountain and sculptures. In “Bugis Village” on the opposite side of Victoria Street runs Pasar malam (night market).

The term Bazaar is for markets in Oriental-Islamic cities used and has been received as a loan word in many languages ​​from China to the Balkans.

A hallmark of “oriental” bazaars is the position of shops, the products of the same category (eg, shoes, spices, fabrics) sell ( industry sorting ). In contrast, Central European traders endeavor since industrialization rather territorial protection, so try spatially as clearly as possible to distance themselves from competing retailers. Another feature of the bazaar is the functional integration of wholesale and retail. The bazaar is usually near the main mosque.

In an oriental bazaar, it is general, the prices by negotiating ( haggling to be determined). If at all price tags are present, then these are for guidance only and as a starting bid of the seller. Word and negotiate gesticulating, is not only permitted, but even encouraged. Western tourists who renounce fear, ignorance or generosity fact be regarded in many Oriental countries even as rude or arrogant.

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