Road Safety Animation for Singapore Road Safety Council – NYP SIDM

Road Safety Animation for Singapore Road Safety Council – NYP SIDM

A group of Animation students from Nanyang Polytechnic School of Interactive and Digital Media created a series of animated short movies for the Singapore Road Safety Council.
Target Audience: Primary School students
Synopsis: These three 3D Animation clips portray different scenarios to teach audience, children in particular, on how to cross the road safely and stay alert in their environment.
The first story teaches the audience the kerb drills, how to cross the roads safely by looking right, left, and right again to check for any incoming traffic.
The second story educates the audience on the vehicles’ blind spots, how drivers who are driving more high-raised vehicles such as buses and lorries can’t spot pedestrians who may be of a more petite size such as children.
The third story explains how dangerous it is to cross the road when one is distracted by his/her gadgets such as mobile phone.
1. Huang Junqi, Debbie
2. Tng Shih Suan, Constance
3. Seet Sin Yuan, Janice
4. Tracey Yao In Yan
5. Ong Jiale Nicholas
6. Charlotte Humbert (she was on exchange program from Supinfocom, France)

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