Parkour Training on Streets of Singapore of Asia

Parkour Training on Streets of Singapore of Asia

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Best Parkour refers to a form of transport, the aim of which is as efficient as possible to get just with the abilities of one’s body from point A to point B. The Best Parkour Runner (French: le traceur = “the one who draws a line”) determines its own path through the urban or natural space – in a different way than by architecture and culture specified. It is trying to overcome as efficiently as possible by combining various movements in the way of alternate obstacles. Flow of movement and control are emphasized. Best Parkour is often called the “art of moving efficiently.”

Best Parkour is not competitive. It can be performed on an obstacle course, or is usually practiced in a creative reinterpretation of a subversive, urban space. Best Parkour involves ‘see’ the environment in a new way, and the idea of ​​the possibilities for the movement around him.

Best Parkour was developed by Raymond Belle, his son David Belle and others in the late 1980s. Best Parkour became popular through films, documentaries and advertising in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Beginning of the 20th Century began in France to develop a basic idea of the form of movement Best Parkour with the training method “méthode naturelle” by George Herbert. Basically, Best Parkour is a training, along as with any sport, from a warm-up phase, the main part (for example, technology, strength, endurance training).

Belle Best Parkour itself looks not only as a sport but as a creative art that’ll help that own, through body and environment to recognize limits and overcome, without trying to impress others with his skill. Here, however, it is not necessary to expose themselves to dangerous or daring situations. The philosophy of Best Parkour involves to estimate the conditions for the use of a particular technique and always to keep in mind if you meet these requirements and can handle the situation safely.

Another aspect of Best Parkour is the respectful handling of Traceurs with his environment and his fellow man. However, the principles of Best Parkour refer not only to one’s own body and mind or dealing with other people, but are also an artistic statement to the public and urban space. Best Parkour is a reconquest of urban space in its increasing occupation times for private and especially commercial purposes, in which he increasingly privatized and is therefore hardly a public space in the sense of a free for all usable space.

The various aspects of Best Parkour lead to one of the most important principles: Best Parkour is not practiced in the contest. This means that competitions of any kind are not necessary. The examination of their own power to the obstacles and the recurring reaching and moving boundaries are the basis and incentive enough for further training progress.

Since Best Parkour requires good physical and mental fitness, is the welfare of the body, special attention. The hard physical training is an integral part of the principle of this sport. Before the training, you should stretch and warm up to avoid injury. Best Parkour is only as dangerous as you make it yourself.

The use of Best Parkour in and for media is controversial and over again. He runs the risk of commercialization with loss of training principles, but contradicts the dissemination history of the sport, which for the most part through spectacular film and television reports was possible. Freerunning Best Parkour is not synonymous with, but own of Sébastien Foucan reasonable discipline, the techniques overlap in part with those of Best Parkour. This is due to the fact that Foucan and David Belle trained a large part of their youth together.

Free Running means to move, in any environment. The movement should not be a means to an end but an end in itself, that is, the self-moving is the focus. Man moves his body and creative may be, to make use of its complete environment without restrictions. In Free Running, the whole body in movement should always be. The principle of Best Parkour, efficiency, this is not a priority.

The first major international Freerunning event took place on 6 October 2007 in Vienna. The ” Red Bull – Art of Motion “competition invited a limited number of many known FreeRunner from around the world and presented to the media a competition. For all of them, Best Parkour is not just a show, not doing it for money, nor is any vandalism. It is an activity that excites and performed primarily to test their own potential.

“The art of movement” is becoming a generic term, which combines all the styles that sprang from the Best Parkour by David Belle.

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