Learning to eat INDIAN FOOD in Singapore’s Little India

Learning to eat INDIAN FOOD in Singapore’s Little India

Location: Little India, Singapore

Today we ventured to Singapore’s Little India to enjoy some delicious Indian food! Before we started traveling, we never ate Indian food. Little did we know what we were missing out on. Little Indian in Singapore was the perfect place to experience authentic meal of Indian Food.

We ducked into a local Indian restaurant where we were the only tourist. We ordered some things that sounded kinda familiar, but when the food arrived, we realized we had to no clue how to properly eat Indian food.

The Indian man running the restaurant took us under his wing, and showed us how to eat with our hands. He was very picky about our form, which we both thought was funny. We learned how to properly push the food into our mouths using our thumbs.

If you want to know what it’s like eating indian food in Singapore’s Little India check out this VLOG!

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