K-Pop Star PRANK in Singapore!!

K-Pop Star PRANK in Singapore!!

Everybody loves K-Pop, right? So why not dress up as one and walk down the streets of Singapore as the biggest K-Pop star never to have existed? Say hello to HYUMAN! #behyuman.

This was filmed as part of TUBE, the new show on Singapore TV which you can catch @9.30pm every Wed on Channel 5! There’s still the rest of the season, so make sure you subscribe to catch the vids as soon as they’re out!

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Director of Photography – Chng Siwei
Sound Recordist – Terence Chia
Edited by – Terence Chia
Produced by – Chng Siwei
Exec Produced by – Haresh Tilani & Terence Chia

Haresh Tilani:

Audio from the awesome:
Ministry of Funny, 2015 😉

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