Singapore. Raffles Hotel and Shopping in March 1968 – Film 90069

Singapore. Raffles Hotel and Shopping in March 1968 – Film 90069

Singapore in the late 1960’s.
The façade of the Raffles Hotel, an imposing white colonial building fronted by palm trees; a Singapore flag flies from the side. Close-up of the head and shoulders of a statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, the rest of it being covered/overgrown with creeping plants.
A shopping area, with several shops housed in colonial buildings; a fountain in a pedestrianised square amid the traffic, with green patches of grass, flowers, benches and a steel web sculpture; Robinsons, a famous departmental store, is housed in a large colonial building. The side of a large grey neo-classical building; the camera pans downwards to reveal smaller yellow shophouses standing on the street next to it. The statue of Hermes, possibly, on the top of another large colonial building with white walls and a brick roof. Pedestrians, including schoolboys, old ladies, caucasian businessmen and families walk through the square. A road sweeper brushes the pavement.

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