Singapore Chinatown Food Street Is Amazing !

Singapore Chinatown Food Street Is Amazing !

Stretched between several streets of colonial buildings in the old Chinatown quarter of Singapore are endless food street finds that will make your appetite unstoppable. Compared to other countries’ Chinatown streets this famous glutton ‘s enclave is tidy, well ventilated and free of traffic. You will find that the day and nite time crowd seems orderly and more relaxed as the mood here is unhurried. Foreigners, locals and people from all over have given great reviews about this place. What kind of food can you find here? All kinds indeed ! You will definitely find your favourite food to whet your appetite, including  the famous Hokkien see !
There are others ranging from great seafood, fried squids and even fresh durians too ! There are stalls selling items besides food too. And you will find some quaint boutique hotels in between. Most of the streets have canopy cover and giant fans circulating air for comfort. As nite falls the signages light up the whole place. The old restored  building facades shine with artistic beauty and the food becomes visually more tempting.  Take a stroll all over Singapore’s Chinatown food streets and you will not be disappointed.

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