SINGAPORE !! | ericandjesslyn FOOD & TRAVEL ADVENTURES #1 |

SINGAPORE !! | ericandjesslyn FOOD & TRAVEL ADVENTURES #1 |

Welcome to our new series ~ ericandjesslyn FOOD & TRAVEL ADVENTURES ~

A series created for you guys showcasing our food and travel experiences from all around the world. This isn’t a vlog, so it’s more like a #FollowUsOnOurJourney type of video.

The first episode ~ SINGAPORE!

Jess and I randomly booked our flight on the same morning of our afternoon flight and decided to meet up with some friends who were already in Singapore. Such a spontaneous decision meant that we only had one night over the weekend and this short video will only cover Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands. Singapore, we will be back to stay more longer, and explore much further, but until then I hope you guys enjoy this short clip, our first in this never-ending series.


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