Halal Mala Hotpot | Singapore Halal Food

Halal Mala Hotpot | Singapore Halal Food

Halal Mala Hotpot | Singapore Halal Food

We were at Bagus in the brand new Northpoint City to try out the Halal Mala Hotpot for the Singapore Halal Food Series. It is not easy to get Halal Mala Hotpot in Singapore.

Mala (麻辣) is a spicy and numbing sauce originating from China, which has now found a home in Singapore. Consisting of chilli pepper and various herbs and spices, it is simmered in oil before being served

Mala hot pot dishes can be customised according to your preferences. You can pick from a wide selection of ingredients most commonly used in steamboat including meat, seafood and vegetables. The level of spiciness can be adjusted as well.

What we had was the super spicy. It did made me worry as I thought that the spicy level would be unbearable, but it was surprisingly not.

You do get the numbing effect from the chili and spices, in a good way though. The broth was amazingly good and full of flavour. It was fantastic.

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