24 HOURS IN SINGAPORE 2017 | Visa run, eating food, and exploring the city

24 HOURS IN SINGAPORE 2017 | Visa run, eating food, and exploring the city

I went on a 24 hour visa run from Vietnam to Singapore. With such a short amount of time to see such a wonderful city, I knew right away that I shouldn’t over plan anything or I’ll just end up stressed out. So I met up with some local friends, and we just winged it the whole day.

Suhaila (@looseboogie) and Iskandar (@anatraxia) are a couple from Singapore who have been subscribers of my YouTube channel for a long time. I first met them in person in Seoul when they were visiting during winter 2016-2017. It was very nice of them to meet me here and show me around their hometown!

There are a lot of “bucket list” must do’s and must eat’s in Singapore, so it only means that I need to go back and spend a few full days there to really soak it all in.

If you have any recommendations for Singapore or other places, please leave a comment below! Thanks for watching!

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